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Carnegie's Call - developing the success habit

Michael Malone

Published 1st October 2012

ISBN 978 1 908931047   £7.99 Paperback

The inspiration for this book was a Scot. For such a small nation the Scots have been influential in so many areas of the planet’s development. Yet Scots have a problem with achievement. Why are so many Scottish people suspicious of our fellow countrymen and women who are successful?

And why do so many of our people go abroad before their abilities are recognised?

How many of us are held back, in whatever sphere we wish for success, by such attitudes?

Recognising the achievements of Scots emigré and man of achievement Andrew Carnegie, Michael Malone interviews Scots who have distinguished themselves and seeks to understand attitudes to success. He uncovers some fascinating insights into how we can develop the success habit.

Exclusive interviews with famous Scots – Michelle Mone OBE, Margaret Thomson Davis, Dr. Robert Crawford CBE, Jack Black – MindStore Founder, Muriel Gray, Sir Tom Farmer CBE, Graeme Obree, Sir Tom Hunter; and a discussion of the life of Andrew Carnegie.


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Stirring The Dust

Mary McCabe

Published October 2012

ISBN 978 1 908931030   £9.99 Paperback

Stories and events in Stirring the Dust are unusual – a corpse is left unburied for fear of infection; there is a paranormal great-great aunt; there are bigamous and incestuous marriages; a runaway wife follows a gypsy rover. There are dramatic interludes including an earthquake and a mining accident. Settings range over 1906 San Francisco and 1920s Canada.

The ten linked sections cover the 1830s to the 1960s and alternate between both sides of a family history. Mary McCabe should be ideally placed to write this narrative – it is her own family.

Enveloping the Highland Clearances, Catholicism in NE Scotland, nineteenth century coal mines, camp followers in the Curragh of Kildare, life on board emigration ships, rural and tenemental living conditions in the 1800s – more than a family history Stirring the Dust is a superbly well-written narrative of modern Scotland that will resonate with many readers.

Mary McCabe is a writer. She lives in Glasgow with her own family.


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A Granny Porage ABC

Jean Marshall

Published 1st August 2012

ISBN 9781908931085   £5.99 Paperback



The Granny Porage story books (each containing 3 separate fully illustrated stories) have delighted the very young and early readers. They are carefully

written to be enjoyed but also to bring a knowledge of a time long before now.

NOW Children who have enjoyed Jean Marshall¹s Granny Porage series can add fun and familiarity to learning to read.

A Granny Porage ABC uses the well-known characters from the stories with words that can be tackled by the earliest readers who will enjoy the achievement of reading their first book.


Jean Marshall is an artist and author and illustrator of children¹s books.



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Postcards from Scotland

Forthcoming Book Series from Argyll Publishing and the Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing
Argyll Publishing in collaboration with the Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing announce the publication of a new book series called Postcards from Scotland. This is a series of small books (c. 80 pages) which are designed to stimulate and communicate new thinking and ways of living. The first volumes will appear in the autumn of 2012.

Additional information
We hope that the books will mainly be produced collaboratively – ideally with an older and younger person working together.
Each book will be supported by additional web materials.

Series editor and advisory group
Carol Craig, from the Centre, is the series editor for Postcards from Scotland. She is supported by a small advisory group comprising Fred Shedden, Chair of the Centre's Board, Professor Phil Hanlon and Jean Urquhart MSP.

Rationale for the series

In the face of huge challenges such as climate change, resource depletion, financial melt-down, globalisation, falling living standards, rising inequality and mental health problems, it is becoming increasingly clear that western societies will have to make huge changes. In short, we cannot go on in the same vein: we need to envision and enact a radically different future. Scotland is well-placed in some respects to make a significant contribution to this new thinking: we played a major part in the 18th century Enlightenment and many of the factors which facilitated Scotland's leading role are still in place. Namely, we are a small, networked society with high levels of education and commitment to social improvement where it is easy to have conversations across subject disciplines. In the Enlightenment period Scotland had 'settled politics' thus allowing energy to be channelled into non-constitutional issues. This is not true today. The case for and against Independence may absorb a lot of the country's intellectual energy. But then again it may release it – giving Scots the first opportunity to really consider what we want Scotland to become independent for. In short, the independence debate may encourage us to consider what kind of society we want to be. This juncture in western culture and Scottish political culture requires outlets for new ideas across a whole range of topics – environmental, social, organisational, political, cultural, psychological, economic and spiritual – as well as new frameworks and ways of conceptualising.
Postcards from Scotland aims to help develop this new thinking in a readable and accessible format and publicise, to a much greater audience, some of the projects in Scotland which are already aiming to help bring about a new way of living.



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Published 1st October 2012


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